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    story idea # 2



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    story idea # 2

    Post  Flyboymonkey on Sat Apr 03, 2010 12:51 am


    Special operations engineer Matthew Marks (AKA MnM) was sent on a mission to eliminate the hovering threat of a ?????ian Doomsday device, Keyword= крепость двадцать-один or Citadel 21...

    ....From one point to the other the Zeta squad's Designated-Marksman eliminated every surrounding threat, clearing the way for a forward assault by the rest of the team....

    Inside of the facility Marks fumbles with the detonator and almost breaks the detonator cap off. He was obviously still not used to his battle-suits "beefy" metal gloves. Deciding it best just to put it back on and fasten it he puts it back into his combat pack and prepares for his mark...

    .... MARK! Lt. Dae yells into his headset. In one fluid motion he throws the C4 onto the control panel and runs as fast as he can to the predetermined "safe spot." Removing the detonator from his pocket, he waits only one anxious millisecond and clicks the button. Nothing. He rapidly hits the button in a panic, he quickly screams the evacuate keyword through his mic....

    Citadel 21 is about Matthew Marks who is in some kind of special forces called Zeta Squad.

    It was his first day on the job as the demolitions/engineering expert. He breaks the detonator for his c4 pack but doesnt realize it so he keeps it.
    When they arrive at their mission to destroy citadel 21 he fudges it all and one of the "UNKNOWN NATION" 's hit the detonator on the doomsday device.
    After launch the missile fly's over the ocean and since MnM is the only one who survived the blast due to his battlesuit he gets up and attempts to detonate the missile BEFORE it reaches America.
    Unfortunately he sets the coordinates to the middle of the pacific ocean and ends up exploding mid-air. Radiation blows all over coastal cities. Which makes all of the people there mutated, messing with their DNA creating aggression and strange mutations.

    What I have so far:

    1: Basic training.. pretty much like the call of duty 4 camp where you learn to shoot,walk,run,breathe etc smile.gif

    2:Infiltrating the Citadel 21 building... Should be a movie or a text story showing how he messes everything up.

    3:He is knocked out and eventually wakes up unaffected by the disease due to his engineering "battlesuit"... He has to get up and fight his way through 8-10 enemy zombies blocking his way to escape.(using only his knife)

    4:Receives communications from general Skinner telling him of the problem and how he needs to collect a sample of the blood from one of the mutated peoples.. finds dead body of friend, gets pistol with small ammo and takes blood sample and ends up getting ambushed by 30 - 40 people.

    5:Recieves more communications telling radiation spreading quickly and is slowly spreading easternly into central america

    6: meets with an american chopper to be evacuated and give them the blood sample.. He sends up the vial and is told to wait 30 seconds for the heavy lift gear to come and pick him up.. He is betrayed and instead bombers carpet the area with bombs... yet again he is knocked unconscious...

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